Overview of EPR suppliers Participate in the EPR

The EPR is being introduced gradually in Switzerland. There are different providers of EPRs in Switzerland. National directives ensure that all EPR providers are securely connected to each other.

The law on the electronic patient record (EPR) requires the introduction of the EPR by acute care hospitals, psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation clinics, and by care homes and birthing homes. For all other health institutions, participation in the EPR is voluntary. The EPR will be introduced gradually with the certification of EPR providers in the course of 2021.


Can I freely choose my EPR provider?

Health professionals or care institutions that want or have to participate in the EPR are also free in their choice of (reference) community, provided that the cantons grant their health institutions freedom of choice. While patients can only be affiliated with one EPR provider, you can be registered with several certified EPR providers. This can be useful if you work for two institutions affiliated with different EPR providers: this would be the case, for example, of an orthopaedist who has his own practice and works in parallel in a hospital as a certified doctor.

If you would like to participate in the EPR, please consult the overview portal to find out which EPR providers are already certified or in the process of being certified.

Last modification 28.01.2021