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The electronic patient record (EPR) is a collection of patient’s documents. These documents contain treatment-related information such as a hospital discharge report, Spitex care report, X-ray images, vaccination card or the prescription for the pharmacy. Patients may also store their own health records in the EPR such as a glasses prescription, living wills or blood pressure measurements.

Your patient grants you access

You may store documents in your patients’ EPRs at any time without access authorisation.

In order to be able to read documents in the EPR as a healthcare professional however, you require explicit access authorisation. This is granted to you by the patient.

The documents can only be inspected without access authorisation in the event of an emergency. The patient must be subsequently notified of the access.

Patients may appoint someone they trust to look after their EPR on their behalf. This may be a healthcare professional, a family member or a friend.

How to access the EPR

The EPR may be accessed in a number of ways. You may either register via a so-called “access portal for healthcare professionals” or you will be granted direct access to the EPR via your existing software.

The original documents remain with you, depending on the technical solution. Only copies are stored in the EPR.

As a healthcare professional, you will be granted access via the EPR to the information relating to the treatment of your patients. In turn, your documents will provide other healthcare professionals with the means to access useful information quickly and accurately.

How secure is the EPR?

Persons saving or viewing documents in the EPR are automatically recorded by the EPR as a matter of course. In this way, the patient knows what is happening to his documents in the record.

The Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRA) prescribes how the EPR must be organised and technically secured.

Every EPR provider is thoroughly checked, certified and monitored. This ensures that the documents in the EPR are protected.

Certified EPR providers are designated with the official security label:

Security label for certified EPR providers

Last modification 28.01.2021